If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

- Sun Tzu

The IACD is an Education company, solving the skills-gap and market shortage in Cyber Security and App Development through innovative education and training solutions for all levels of expertise.


With an eye toward preparing the next generation of IT experts, the IACD graduates delegates  with a deep and powerful global network of knowledge that goes far beyond the typical technical expertise.

The IACD provides delegates with:

 Accelerated Learning

Unmatched turnkey hands-on education with real-world tools and scenarios in a virtual machine environment.

Specialised Knowledge

Whether it’s Cyber Defence or App Development, our content is developed through a collaboration of industry professionals, well-seasoned educators and global, leading experts from across the world.

Beginner to Master Class

Based on your unique needs and personal development paths, the IACD has a course to help advance your expertise and future proof your career.


Stay on top of industry trends with our free webinars, labs, and industry insights

Traditional training course are expensive, linear and can’t keep pace with the evolving education landscape

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