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iOS App Development Programme

The IACD provides accredited iOS app development training that is aimed at developing apps for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem. The program focuses on software development, startup creation and app design with an emphasis on creativity and collaboration to empower and equip students to develop the skills needed to succeed. 


The Institute aims to attract students from a wide range of backgrounds with the training designed to support not only those with coding or computer science experience but people interested in areas such as design and business.


Our iOS App Development Program follows detailed and proven course plans - developed by professional programmers and based on real-life projects and the latest industry practices. Good programmers and security specialists are made through practice. At the IACD we put the greatest focus on actually writing and testing code and using technology - every day, constantly increasing complexity. We know that this is the only way to learn new skills.

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Programme Overview

The IACD delegates will learn the tools techniques and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app from scratch in this full certificate program. Find out how to program in Swift and utilise the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) and Apple developer tools (Xcode, debugger, analyser and iOS Simulator) to create mobile apps which can be sold via the App Store.In each course you will work through a range of lessons and projects which will focus on Swift programming and teach you about various aspects of app development. These lessons will provide you with the practical hands-on skills needed to embark on a career in app development.In addition a number of app development companies will share their experiences in building and developing apps so you can find out what it really takes to turn your brilliant idea into a functioning product.

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How will you benefit?

On this program you will learn

• How to get started with app development and create your very first iOS app.

• How to utilise the Apple developer tools (Xcode, Instruments, debugger, analyser, and iOS Simulator) to build your app.

• How to implement a range of features using the Swift programming language.

• How to distinguish well-written code from poorly-written code and follow programming best practices in Swift.

• The process and steps required to get your app on the App Store.

How it works?

The training is delivered through a Hybrid VILT (virtual instructor-led training) methodology. Hybrid VILT learning is a blend of self-paced and online training that incorporates virtual laboratories. Most of the theoretical material is covered in selfstudy while practical laboratory environments are recreated using virtual instructor-led training (VILT). It provides delegates who have internet availability with the opportunity to study the SWIFT curriculum and obtain international certification from remote locations. Our unique Hybrid VILT learning is ideal for any delegate wanting to obtain an internationally recognised app development qualification but who is unable to come through to a campus but requires facilitator-led training.

App development Certificate


All locations


Start Date:
February - March 2021






Duration: 4 months


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Study Type:



Tuition Fees:
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During the programme


Self-paced and flexiblelearning

with instant feedback


Access to the industry leading
App development learning
material and labs


Curriculum based on National Initiative for Cyber security Education (NICE)


Access to IACD and global
experts for ongoing support

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Guidance on job searching
and resume building

After the programme

Man Using a Tablet

Continued access to IACD’s onlinelearning platform

Women Colleagues

Connection to ouralumni
and career network

Job Interview

Access to the IACD's
placement program 

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Career prospects for IACD graduates include Application Developer,

Mobile App Developer

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