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Alternatively you can download the application form and email it to us.

The application fee of R1000 (refundable) should be paid into the campus bank account using the Student ID number as a reference. The application fee is only refundable to those students who are not accepted onto the Sponsorship Programme and choose not to continue with their application.


IACD Banking Details:

IACD is a division of Core Peripherals (PTY) LTD

RMB– Account Number: 62141976764

Account Name: Core Peripherals (PTY) LTD

Branch code: 255005

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Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE This agreement applies to both the “student” and the “sponsor”, in so far as the Student’s Application to study at the Institute of Advanced Cyber Defence (IACD) for the academic year commencing in 2020, and both these terms are used interchangeably throughout. Any reference to the student is meant to include the sponsor, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. If the student and the sponsor is the same person, then this agreement will apply in the same manner as when they are separate persons.

The student and the sponsor hereby accept and agree that:


1.1 This agreement is entered into with the knowledge and consent of the student’s natural guardian (only applicable to minor students.)
1.2 Should the “First Choice” be unsuccessful, then the “Second Choice” will become applicable. 1.3 IACD reserves the right to change qualification/module names/content without prior notification.
1.4 IACD reserves the right to change, modify or otherwise alter the academic programme fees at any time, provided that the student/ sponsor is provided 20 business days’ notice of such variation/ modification before such change/modification takes effect.


2.1 The application fee of R1000 is payable on signature of this agreement and is non-refundable, except in the case where the student does not qualify for the corporate sponsorship Programme and do not continue with their studies.
2.1.1 Payment of the application fee (referred to in clause 2.1) will secure a place at The IACD for the academic year commencing in 2020, provided that the student provides to the IACD official confirmation of the Student having met the entrance requirements for qualification applied for. 2.2 Should the student wish to cancel the agreement 4 weeks before the commencement of studies, the application fee, is non-refundable.


3.1 This agreement and the interpretation thereof will in all respects be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Declaration by student

I, the student, hereby accept and agree that:
1. The information provided by me is true, complete and correct.
2. I irrevocably authorise and expressly give my consent to IACD to use and/or process any of my personal information that IACD has obtained for the purposes of this application.
2.1 At any stage you as student or sponsor will be able to opt out (refuse) from receiving any further communication from IACD in regard to its services (referred to in clause 2 here).
3. I am bound by the terms of this document, as well as by the terms and conditions of IACD’s document entitled Conditions of Enrolment, a copy of which in due course in respect of each academic programme.
4. I agree that I shall continue to remain conversant with any updated version of the conditions of enrolment made available to me from time to time.
I, the student, hereby accept and agree that I have read and understood
the terms and conditions on this page.

Declaration by sponsor

I, the sponsor, hereby accept and agree that:
1. All the terms and conditions of this agreement set out above between the
student and IACD shall be binding on me.
2. In addition thereto, I hereby bind myself as surety and co-principal debtor for the student
in favour of IACD for the payment of all sums of money with which the student may now, or in future, become indebted to IACD arising from whatsoever cause.
3. The suretyship attached hereto is my agreement and confirmation that I understand the implications of the terms as surety and co-principal debtor as a sponsor.
In addition to the above, both the Student and/or Sponsor agree that by providing their Personal Information (as may be required in terms of this document) same is provided to IACD for the purposes of concluding this Agreement as well as the Application Process, referred to above.

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