Kickstart your career in Cyber Defence with IACD’s CDA certification

The CDAC course has one clearly defined goal – to provide individuals with a solid foundation that will prepare them through hands-on training, to be ready to begin a career in cyber security.


The CDAC offers practical training exercises in a virtual machine environment, allowing delegates to gain life-like experience in a controlled learning context. IACD’s three-month CDAC is the ideal launchpad for an exciting career in Cyber Defence.

This course is ideal for you if you want to gain:

Understand the security structures and behaviours that can enable or protect from cyber crime.

Develop confidence when faced with a cyber intrusion.

Gain the knowledge to ask the right questions regarding cyber incidents that you may encounter daily, and how to find the answers.

Learn effective techniques to extract intelligence from the cyber environment.

Improve your ability to respond effectively to a wider range of cyber events.

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