Hyper-realistic, cutting-edge cyber simulation.

The Range Simulator enables top-tier organisations to train their teams with some of the world’s most advanced cyber security training technology, IACD’s Range simulates networks, traffic and attack scenarios, as well as trains and tests individual procedures and technologies without harming your organisation’s networks. 

Range gives you the opportunity to:

  • Work in a computational environment and network that characterises the full organisational network.

  • Experience events in real-time, executed and operated by malicious programs (everything is real, including viruses, malware, exploitation of weaknesses, break-ins, etc.)

  • Work in operating systems, such as Windows, Linux and others.

  • Work in a replica of the full organisational environment, including different kinds of servers, such as FTP, WEB, Apache, SMTP, DC, IIS, SQL and more.

  • Train teams and individuals to improve and advance their abilities to the fullest to increase their profession skill sets.

  • Strengthen the communication expertise within the team to prepare for coping with stressful situations.

  • Understand work methodologies, including the subjects of ethics, decision-making and escalation.

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