Make your company cyber superior.

The Institute of Advanced Cyber Defence has courses designed for beginners through to experts. Cyber resilience - the ability to successfully and continuously withstand cyber attacks - is best served by advanced cyber defence training, covering the entire spectrum of cyber intelligence and security topics. 

Hands-on Simu-Lab

Skills-based training in a virtual machine environment.

Advanced Specialised Training

Specialised Master Classes with International Cyber Experts.

CDA Certification

Kick-start your career in Cyber Defence with a comprehensive

3-month course.


Hyper-realistic, cutting-edge cyber simulation.

Customised Courses

Bespoke training solutions to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


The Institute of Advanced Cyber Defence’s methodology allows for accelerated learning within our courses. Our programmes are:     

Learner centred, with much of the content being self-paced.

Authentic, drawing on realistic scenarios to allow you to gain hands-on experience.

Skills-focused, creating a constructive learning environment.

Assessed regularly throughout the duration, ensuring you are aware of progress.

Evergreen, with material being updated constantly to keep apace of change in the industry.

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