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Course Overview

The IACD contains hundreds of cyber skill experiences and content for red teams, penetration testers and ethical hackers. And we’re always adding more powered by the very latest threat intelligence. Our hands-on labs and challenges can be instantly accessed from a browser. They are designed to move teams and individuals through a four phase process to power up your organisation’s human cyber readiness.

Cyber Defence: Offensive (Advanced)

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  • Service Exploitation

    Take advantage of vulnerabilities within services running on hosts or a network to gain unauthorised access or gain information that should not be readily available.

    Privilege Escalation

    This skill gives hand on experience in elevating user permissions within a system to unlock more functionality. With this new user functionality, a penetration tester can end up taking complete control of a system or network.


    Databases store lots of important information that businesses do not want to be accessed by unauthorised personnel. There are also a lot of different database types that a cyber professional needs to understand.


    Enumeration is about gaining important information about a system or network. Proper enumeration aids in how a penetration tester approaches the following stages of their test.

    Credential Cracking

    Credentials are used whenever a user wants to authenticate themselves to access a system. A penetration tester needs to be able to grab these credentials but also understand how to use them for authenticating themselves.


    Web applications have become an attack surface of their own since the birth of the internet, and as a result web hacking has become a concern for every business. In this lab you will learn popular web-hacking techniques that attackers use in the wild today.

    SQL Injection

    SQL injection techniques can be used to extract sensitive information from databases. In cases where a vulnerability exists, this data can be accessed in a number of different ways.


    The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a knowledge base of the tactics and techniques used by attackers. ATT&CK provides a key source of information for building threat models and defensive methodologies.


    This discipline covers the cybersecurity of the ‘Internet of Things’, otherwise known as embedded devices. It includes everything from best practice to difficult challenges that represent real-world vulnerabilities seen in the industry.

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