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Course overview

Cover the basics! Master the fundamentals of cybersecurity with our series of introductory labs on cyber theory and industry concepts.

Cyber Security Fundamentals

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  • Cyber101

    This skillset provides a strong knowledge base to anyone starting out in the industry. You will go over core concepts of cybersecurity, including the Cyber Kill Chain, darknets and cryptocurrency.


    This skillset covers some of the legal and ethical challenges you may come across in cybersecurity. Make sure you’re staying on the right side of the law by learning about bug bounty programs and the limits of ethical hacking.

    Cyber Investigator

    The Cyber Investigator labs are all about using the resources available to you. This series is heavily focused on open source intelligence (OSINT) methods, with labs covering techniques such as reverse image searching.


    Risk management and information assurance are integral parts of cybersecurity. In this lab series, you will be shown how to approach risk management and how best to communicate this information with others in your organisation.


    Having compliance standards in place can help keep an enterprise running; without them, valuable information can be left exposed, creating serious vulnerabilities. By the end of these labs you will be up to speed on essential compliance standards and policies.


    This series covers terminology, processes and solutions for network and software architecture that applies to corporate networks and cloud solutions.

    Cyber for Executives

    This skillset demonstrates how attackers use personal and business data to exploit vulnerabilities in an enterprise as well as the motivations of such attacks.

    Cyber for Board Members

    This skillset will give board members the cyber awareness required to ask the right questions to the right stakeholders, with the aim of leading to more effective security procedures


    These labs look at the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) and introduce some of the ways it can be used to perform different tasks. The labs range from navigating a file structure to combining multiple commands to achieve a specific goal.

    Window Operating Systems

    Get hands-on access to Windows OS labs, including registry access, alternate data streams and system variables. This exposure will provide a greater understanding of security controls within Windows, allowing you to identify and exploit the weaknesses of those controls.


    This series introduces the essential concepts of the networking stack, covering everything from the Internet Protocol (IP) of the Internet Layer, to the TCP and UDP protocols of the Transport Layer, and the HTTP, DNS and SNMP protocols of the Application Layer.

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