Course Overview


Our IT Security instructors have developed a unique teaching style to help aspiring IT Security Professionals to master the art of successfully managing and securing large IT infrastructures. Our Highly experienced CompTIA Experts are recognised in the industry to have the highest rated technical skills by employers.


The security of Information Technology within an enterprise is of the utmost importance, and in the current climate hackers and cyberattacks are rife, meaning that it is essential for businesses across all sectors to possess skilled IT Security Specialists to protect internal systems.


This CompTIA Security+ training course is aimed at those who wish to accelerate their IT professional career within the realm of IT Security. The CompTIA discipline is becoming increasingly important, with continuous rises in the number of security threats to computer software. Within each organisation, IT Security Specialists, Consultants, and Administrators are essential to secure networks and deter hackers. Earning the CompTIA Security+ will supply you with the relevant information to be able to fulfill the role of any of these professions. 


The core principles and practices of IT Security are taught and candidates are given the opportunity to participate in interactive and practical exercises, which aim to give candidates the confidence to use security software and hardware effectively.


This CompTIA Security+ training course is accredited by CompTIA.


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