Research and Development

IACD conducts and sponsors a number of studies relating to the Cyber Defence Workforce.

We periodically perform meta-analyses of the results of industry studies and corporate reports, separating the real insights from commercial messaging – providing you with an up-to-date and unbiased view of the ‘State of Cyber Defence’.


Outcomes of this R&D are incorporated into our curricula and advisory work.

Consulting and Advocacy

To raise awareness of the need for advanced cyber defence our specialists engage with many stakeholders in public forums. We are well positioned to provide input for and comments on industry white papers or draft regulations and legislation.


Access our insights on topical subjects through our webinars, and in the opinion pieces we write for print and online  publications. Our consultants are available for interviews and can participate in panels. Finally, we have an outreach programme to interest young people in careers in cyber defence.

Recruitment and Placement

We actively recruit suitable candidates for our various programmes with the aim of placing them with employers. As part of this effort we give interested parties the opportunity to assist in the selection process and offer trainees bursaries or student loans.


Additionally, we can assist organisations with their ad-hoc hiring needs, and look for the most suitable applicants within the industry, and where needed, up-skill them via our syllabi.


Finally, we offer career counselling to individuals that want to transition into a cyber defence role, and assign them to our relevant classes to quickly acquire the necessary skills.

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