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Short Course Overview

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly  evolving. New security vulnerabilities are identified daily and attackers are relentless in their pursuit to exploit these weaknesses. Bound by law, ethics, and budget, cybersecurity teams often find themselves one step behind the criminals as they race to protect their systems.

To reduce the likelihood and impact of a successful attack, businesses should invest in cybersecurity training. It has been shown that appropriately trained cybersecurity staff, combined with a comprehensive approach to risk management, will strengthen an organisation’s defence. The number of successful breaches continues to rise, and industry experts maintain that major cyberattacks are a matter of ‘when, not if.’

It is vital that cybersecurity teams maintain pace with attackers through continuous, adaptive learning. However, this cannot be delivered via classroom-based training courses, which are out of date soon after they are published. Immersive Intelligence is a cyber skills learning environment that delivers practical security labs derived from world-class threat intelligence, enabling security teams to learn about the latest threats efficiently.

What we offer

We offer a unique approach to cyber skills development by providing practical security labs developed by experts and derived from world-class threat intelligence. The platform reduces cyber risk by providing real-time and highly relevant content directly to the browser.


• Real-time learning with  the latest threat intelligence on the platform within hours

• Turn threat intelligence in to actionable practical knowledge

• Execute the latest threats with in a safe online environment

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