Hands-on Simu-Lab

The Simu-Lab Suite is the product of extensive military and industry experience, which offers practical training in a virtual machine environment.

Our suite of labs brings much-needed practical work experience directly to learners.


The subject matter is presented through real-life situations, solving genuine cyber problems.


Modular learning makes it easier for individuals to digest the information in chunks of learning.


Lab scenarios are delivered from basic to difficult, to continually challenge individuals throughout the course.


Content is delivered through varied forms such as text, video, audio, and interactive segments.


Develop soft-skills through problem-solving scenarios along with technical ability

This course is ideal for you if you want to gain:

Practical knowledge related to cyber security.

The right questions to ask regarding cyber incidents you will encounter daily, and how to find the answers.

Choose the optimal solution for both non-fraudulent incidents and cyber threats.

Reflect upon cyber events and how they were dealt with to offer constructive feedback and lessons learned.

Hands-on experience in solving basic cyber security incidents.

Review and evaluate incoming cybersecurity information to determine its relevance and usefulness to identify and resolve the cybersecurity problem.

Liaise with employees, admin and authorities regarding cyber events within company policies and legalities.

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