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What our delegates say

Security Analyst

The IACD prepared me well for the Comptia Security+ exam. Now I alsohave a good direction on where to direct my energy to continue todevelop my skills in the cyber security world. I would recommend thecourse to anyone as the knowledge I leant was invaluable.

Security Analyst

I chose IACD because, the institute had all the requirements I was looking for and it seemed like the best choice, which it was :) . I would completely recommend it, the course material looked overwhelming in the beginning however  the instructor was always willing to slow down when one of us started to fall behind. Before the class I had the expectation that I would pass, but during the course, just passing wasnt the goal. My goal was to really understand and exceed my expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Business Support Specialist

I studied at the IACD because it was my way forward after completing my degree, I saw an opportunity that will help and boost me in my career path and I knew that I am going to absorb and learn a lot about my career path and also get a feel of the corporate environment. I would highly recommend it to graduates because it will give them direction after varsity

Cyber Security Analyst

"I chose to study at IACD as the IACD not only provided course material that was relevant, interesting and engaging but also presented itself as an inviting learning environment. These traits of having relevant, interesting and engaging course work as well as providing an inviting learning environment carried throughout my time studying at the IACD. I would highly recommend the IACD for anyone looking to kickstart their cyber security journey."


I had an interest in learning about cyber security more specifically topics like linux and xss. IACD assisted me in understanding these topics better.I was quite impressed by the instructor's knowledge and understanding of the course and the ease with which he imparted the knowledge to the class.There was a lot of material to cover and I thought it was really well paced ... I enjoyed the explanations of how to define and solve problems in "REAL LIFE" through the Virtual Simulation Lab. Highly recommended.


The IACD included an extensive amount of content within a broad cyber security field, which I could learn at my own pace. The knowledge acquired was invaluable, combined with the lecture times and the informative lecturer, this made attending the IACD a worthwhile experience. It is for these reasons that I studied at IACD and would therefore recommend them to the individual eager to learn about the cyber world.

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