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Enrol for the IACD’s International Cyber Defence Certificate

The cybersecurity workforce shortfall remains a critical vulnerability for companies, globally  innovative solutions are required to build the cybersecurity workforce necessary in a networked world. Build an exciting career in the cybersecurity industry with our International Certificate in Cyber Defence.

Image by Tamarcus Brown

Who is our programme for?

Students and graduates
If you have just finished your undergraduate studies but you are looking to specialise yourself as a Cyber Analyst the International Certificate in Cyber Defence is your opportunity! Through our Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT) methodology you are expected to start applying your skills from day one and get ready to jump to the job market with a brand new set of skills that are in high demand all over the world.

Career boosters
Are you looking to improve your knowledge in Cyber Security? The IACD’s range of online short courses will provide you with a range of industry relevant courses and provide you with the cyber skills that are immediately transferable in the workplace.

Image by Jefferson Santos

Why should you learn Cybersecurity?

Fastest growing area in technology
Not only is it one of the fastest growing areas in the IT there are plenty of opportunities and increasingly competitive compensation. Cyber Security skills are required globally and the IACD’s International Certificate in Cyber Defence opens this door for you.


Digital breaches and business vulnerabilities
Advances in technology are the main driver for economic growth but have also led to a higher incidence of cyberattacks. The leading trends such as e-commerce mobile payments cloud computing Big Data and analytics IoT AI machine learning and social media all increase cyber risk for users and businesses.

Skills Gap
As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication organisations around the globe face a persistent challenge in recruiting and retaining skilled cybersecurity professionals capable of protecting their systems against the threat of malicious actors.

Fee Structure

*excludes Macbook fee (rental options available)

The IACD offers work back payment loans to qualifying students for all our certificate programmes.
Simply, register for one of our programmes and contact your Programme Advisor for further assistance.

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