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An effective cybersecurity team is one where human assets align directly to risk, ensuring the skills are in place to identify weaknesses, apply security controls, and respond to incidents. In a fast-paced and highly fluid threat landscape, however, passive training courses and certifications struggle to achieve this.


Programme Overview

The Cyber Professional Programme embeds skills by immersing individuals in challenges, scenarios and simulations in the browser to teach everything from threat hunting and reverse engineering, too SecDevOps. We build more relevant skills in a number of ways.

Cybersecurity has evolved into more than just a technology problem. It now dictates share price, customer loyalty, brand reputation, litigation and can even threaten human life. For this reason, the solution also needs to be more than just technology. It requires finely tuned humans capable of making nuanced judgements about complex technical, social, and political issues, sometimes under intense pressure and always at pace.

Cyber Professional Programme with Immersive Labs

R60 000,00Price
  • Our progressive Human Cyber Readiness platform is specifically designed to address this problem, providing three core outcomes:

    Equipping: Continually introducing new capabilities which map to the demands of the breaking threat environment and the ever-changing nature of organisational risk.

    Exercising: Simulate both full-scale organisational crises and smaller, highly technical, incidents to build cognitively agile human assets who can adapt in a crisis.

    Evidencing: Understand your skills capabilities with real-time data on human assets for better strategies, resource planning and board reporting.

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