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Human readiness against
evolving cyber threats

We empower individuals and organisations to increase, measure, and demonstrate humans capabilities in
every part of their cybersecurity


1. Turbocharge your human capability and expertise

Our approach is informed by the latest psychological theory. By regularly throwing a range of decision-makers into emerging attack scenarios, you can build a more adaptable, agile human response.

2. Stress test crisis decision-making

When the worst happens, not even the best incident management and response plans can account for the human element. You know how your tech will react under pressure – but what about you and your people?

3. Rapid, realistic, and relevant Cyber crisis exercising

We enable you to dramatically reduce the burden of exercising for cyber crises. Our solution makes scenarios adaptable, quickly deployed, and fully customisable to align with the any attack surface.

4. Instant metrics and analysis

Track individual and team performance, including insight into the speed, effectiveness, and confidence of decisions and actions taken under pressure. This analysis can be used to define development pathways and future scenarios.

5. Empowering your future

We want to provide learning experiences that equip participants with future skills and empower them to pursue the future they desire and ensure they develop cutting edge IT skills.

6. Upskill from any geographic location

Our learning platforms are accessible no matter where you’re based which means you upskill yourself no matter where in the world you are

7. New skills you can apply almost immediately

Cutting edge course material that translates theory into action and gives you an international toolkit to apply immediately in your working world


Future proof
your career


Discover how
Cyber Security is impacting business

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